Chak De Whiskey

Inspired by the famous Punjabi expression, Chak De whiskey boasts a rich amber colour and is brimming with flavours you won’t soon forget.

Rich caramel meets citrus zest with a twist of cinnamon.  An unrivalled crowd-pleaser down to the last sip.


ABV:  45%

Nose:  Rich and smooth sweet nose with aroma of oak and vanilla.

Palate:  Hint of pepper and vanilla meets a citrus zest with a twist of cinnamon.

Finish:  Long sweet finish with notes of honey and caramel.



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Additional information

Weight 1.72 lbs
Dimensions 26.67 × 10.16 × 20.32 cm
Additional Info

Inspired by Punjabi Taste


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1 review for Chak De Whiskey

  1. David McGilvray

    My cousin brought a bottle of Chak De! Whiskey, some friends were over (socially distanced of course) on the patio, we opened it, fetched some glasses and had it neat. It was extremely smooth and enjoyable, very nice caramel and spice flavour with no burn whatsoever (even with the additional alcohol %). Well done!

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