NB Distillers Holiday Market

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Liquid Gold Whisky

This exquisite amber liquid can genuinely be characterized as liquid gold.  Revel in the soft caramel couples with the fruity aroma.

Soft, sweet and warm with a luxurious mouthfeel, savour every moment of this decadent whisky.

ABV:  40%

Nose: Soft toffy and fruit aroma with vanilla! After some reflection there’s a hint of bitter orange.

Palate: Clearly smooth with a persistent caramel sweetness and a luxurious mouth feel.  Slight warming that gives way to a mild cinnamon and savory flavour.  In the background there are citrus zest and floral note.

Finish: Medium to long with a mildly earthy finish.

Appearance: Golden amber. In the glass, it has long slow legs.